Packing Optimization Experts' Committee

(BIAC/JAFA Collaborative Study Group)

… is one of the joint committees of BIAC and JAFA (Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association), with the mission to enlighten international airfreight consignors by defining ideal airfreight packing and identifying consignments that withstand air transport.
Its activity starts with monitoring & analysis of export consignment packing. On identifying shipments with insufficient packing that may result in damage to the contents, the Committee requests the consignors to improve their practice. When identifying ideal packing, on the other hand, the Committee offers an award to the consignors with a token of appreciation. It also organizes Airport Cargo Facility Tours for shippers, in order to help deepen understanding on airfreight packing by guiding them through actual handling scenes of export & import shipments in the warehouse.
By winning understanding on the significance of airfreight packing, the Committee aims to secure safety of air transportation and ultimately contribute to optimization of global logistics.


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