Application for BIAC Membership

Excerpt from the Code of BIAC


Article 5: The BIAC is comprised of the following members.
(1) Representatives of the freight divisions in the region where air carriers (CARRIERS) with offices in Japan are enrolled as members of Local Chapter of the BIAC.



Article 6
1 A person who intends to become a member of BIAC shall submit a membership application to the president of Local Chapter and obtain approval of the Steering Committee of the BIAC Japan, by way of a review at the Local Chapter.
2 The member enrolled in the BIAC shall belong to one of the Local Chapters. The member may be enrolled in two or more Local Chapters.


(Membership Fee) 

Article 7
1 A member shall pay membership fee pursuant to the provisions separately set forth at a General Meeting or Local Chapter to which the member belongs.
2 A member belonging to two (2) or more local BIAC shall pay membership fee to every Local Chapter.
3 If a special expense is required, Local Chapter may collect extra membership fee pursuant to the regulation of Local Chapter.
4 The membership fee already paid will not the refunded under any circumstances.



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