Compliance / Code of BIAC (excerpt)

The name of this organization shall be Board of International Airfreight Carriers
(hereinafter referred to as "BIAC”).
In Japanese: “Kokusai Koku Kamotsu Koku Kaisha Iinkai.”

The purpose of BIAC is to support development of the airfreight, through review
and improvement on issues that are common to air carriers with offices in Japan, in
full compliance with the laws and regulations including Antitrust Law.

To achieve the purpose as per previous article, BIAC shall be engaged in the
following activities:
(1)   Review and improvement on issues concerning airfreight industry.
(2)   Exchange of opinions with, and tendering proposals and requests to
organizations and parties concerned.
(3)   Other activities that BIAC deems necessary in achieving its purpose.

The BIAC is comprised of the following members:
(1)    Representatives of the freight divisions in the region where air carriers
(CARRIERS) having a place of business in Japan are enrolled as members of
Local Chapter of the BIAC.


For details of Japanese Aviation Law and administration, please refer to the website of Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
For details of Japanese Antimonopoly Act, please refer to the website of Japan Fair Trade Commission.

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