Message from BIAC President

Toshiaki Toyama

Toshiaki Toyama,

Senior Advisor, ANA HOLDINGS INC.
Chairman, ANA Cargo Inc.

Thank you very much for visiting the website for the Board of International Airfreight Carriers (BIAC). The BIAC is an organization that was established for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the antitrust law and other laws and regulations, as well as contributing to the development of airfreight transportation. As of August 2022, it comprises 28 airlines that transport international air cargo to and from Japan, and is working to address and resolve the common issues faced by these airlines.

The BIAC is also working with the Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA). Their work together has involved joint research to devise ways of improving airfreight packaging and the handling of dangerous goods. Furthermore, seminars about dangerous goods and tours of cargo facilities at Narita airport are being provided to cargo shippers. In addition to these initiatives, research is being conducted with the aim of improving the safety and quality of airfreight transportation.

The importance of airfreight transportation in the supply chain is being reevaluated, and BIAC is committed to further improving the value of airfreight transportation and contributing to the development of the industry by promoting SDGs and DX and accelerating paperless initiatives, in addition to its existing efforts to improve airfreight packaging and handling of dangerous goods. We are determined to contribute to the further enhancement of the value of airfreight forwarding and the development of airfreight services.

I hope we can continue to count on your support with regard to the activities of the BIAC.